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The NOVA K9 Foundation raises awareness for the noble missions of K9-based organizations. We perform this through donations, generated from proceeds of our events, such as The NOVA Fest, SoCAL Fest, and DC After Dark Fest.


Through December 17, 2023, we are accepting donations to be submitted to this year's recipients, the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center and Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary.

(Paypal / Zelle to:

Please feel free to donate directly through the links below.

Gifts were in the form of fulfilling Amazon Gift Lists. Please help support, if your wallet has the wagging room, and/or you have a loving home for a new family member.  Thank you.

Direct Donation Links:     

LUCKY BELLE Icon Circle.png

         NIKOBE Gift:

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

             (New) LUCKY BELLE Gift:

Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary


The NOVA K9 Foundation is the philanthropic branch of FAME, LLC, and dedicated in Loving Memory to KOBE, NIKI, BELLE, and LUCKY. They live on through supporting other K9s in real need.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us: CONTACT@NOVAK9FOUNDATION.ORG

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