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In 2018 the NOVA Fest Legend Award was renamed The Stan Lee Foundation Legend and (alternate) Maverick Award to honor the legacy of the great Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, Black Panther, X-Men,

Stan Lee-Vegas Low Res.jpg

The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and countless, legendary, comic book heroes, that now dominate Hollywood's big screen.


The Stan Lee Foundation is committed to compelling literacy, education and the arts programs that promote life skills. The Foundation provides guidance, leadership and resources with other organizations that share its passion for quality in these fields.

Below are recipients of the Legend Award. We are honored to be associated with such marvelous and talented individuals, and look forward to continuing to share the spotlight with these super stars, who bring their excellence to the film arts.


Kelly Hu

Kelly has starred in over 100 Film & TV productions. She is best known for her roles in X-Men and The Scorpion King.

Kelly Hu_2.2023 lores small.jpg
Russell Williams.jpg


Russell Williams II

2-Time Oscar  Winner for 

GLORY and Dances With 


First African American to win multiple Academy Awards


Michael Uslan​

Executive Producer of JOKER and all modern BATMAN  films from Michael Keaton to Robert Pattinson

Michael SFL.jpg.webp
Eduardo SFL.webp


Eduardo Sánchez​

Pioneering filmmaker and director of The Blair Witch Project

MICO Award
Fernando A Mico 1.jpg
MICO AWARD LOGO_low res.jpg

In 2017 the The Action On Film International Film Festival honored our CEO and Founder Fernando A. Mico with an Award in his name, The MICO Award

The MICO Award celebrates individuals who exemplify Innovation, Courage and Excellence in the Film Arts. The award is bestowed annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MICO Award 2017.jpg
Mico Award 2018_D.jpg
Mico Award 2019_D.jpg
Mico Award 2020_2.jpg
Mico Award 2021 V.2_small.jpg
Mico Award 2022_lores.jpg



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