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With the FAME FACTOR TICKET are we required to participate in All 11 Festivals?

• As an Official Selection, you will automatically be entered in competition in all of our GO Indie festivals, unless requested otherwise.

Can we pick and choose which festivals to participate in, to lower the cost?

• We are able to offer the package at a low cost, as one, comprehensive package.


Are they all the same festival in different locations?

• Besides the city, state, or country, each festival has a different mix of submissions and judges. Dates, venues and platforms are subject to change as post-pandemic protocols evolve.

Where are the Awards Ceremonies?

• For 2021 Awards Ceremonies are pre-recorded. However, as post-pandemic protocols evolve, so to does our programming. We’ll make the best decisions for the artists with what is available to everyone. We have scheduled pre-recorded Awards Ceremonies to be shot at various locations, including the Angelika Film Center and Silverspot Cinemas, located in various cities.

What do we do to order the FAME FACTOR TICKET?

• If you are interested in participating in the FAME FACTOR TICKET, please email us at or call us at (703) 960-1970.

What if we decide not to order the FAME FACTOR TICKET, after early notification?

• Things happen. We go by the Honor System and take you at your word. Our decisions on Acceptance will stand, regardless.

Will the submission fee we paid on FilmFreeway be subtracted from the overall FAME Factor Ticket cost?

• Yes. Please let us know, if we miss it. We’ll take care of you!

Is it the same competition at each festival?

• There will be some who submit as part of the FAME FACTOR Ticket and many others who submit to one festival exclusively. Every festival will have a

unique population of submissions and Official Selections. Nominations and Awards in one festival, in no way equates to the same results in other

GO Independent Festivals.

• Additionally, we will have different judges mixed with every festival. No two festivals will be exactly the same. Every festival will have a different mix of submissions and judges. Only a certain percentage will be on the FAME FACTOR TICKET. While it is a competition, we never lose sight of our mission to support, promote and educate our artists. We do our best to make each festival unique to maintain legitimacy for all who participate.

If our submission gets into one of the GO Film Festivals, is it automatically accepted into the NOVA Fest?

• If your submission is accepted into one (1) GO Film Festival or The NOVA Fest, your submission is eligible for the FAME FACTOR TICKET, which guarantees acceptance into all the GO Film Festivals. The NOVA Fest is separate from the network of GO Festivals and submissions can only be accepted through the traditional process. The submission fee, is waived for The NOVA Fest, however, if your submission is participating in the FAME FACTOR TICKET.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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