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The FAME FACTOR TICKET is a package of benefits for eligible Filmmakers and Screenwriters to promote, celebrate and profit from their art, across the United States and around the world.

The TICKET provides a vehicle to participate in a network of film festivals, a film market, and streaming service, allowing independent filmmakers and screenwriters to gain international exposure, knowledge, notoriety, and generate revenue from their art.


Get into One, and you're Done! If your work is accepted into one GO Independent Film Festival or the NOVA Fest, it is automatically guaranteed acceptance into all the GO Film Festivals with submission. It will also be eligible for award nominations in all GO Independent Film Festivals.

    • Promote your film or script being showcased at the various host cities.

    • Opportunity for multiple awards.

    • Travel to popular film-centric & destination cities.

    • Make no mistake. We are not a laurel factory. Strict guidelines are given to our judges, as to determining the content accepted into our festivals.

  • Notification in 2 Weeks! That’s right. Two weeks after submitting your work, we will notify you of your acceptance status within two weeks of submitting. Please communicate to us that by submitting, your goal is to order a FAME FACTOR TICKET!

By knowing months in advance of your Official Selection status, your marketing &  promotion machine can run wild with extensive time to prepare! Early Notification translates into extraordinary freedom and  flexibility in regards to Travel Logistics and Marketing & Promotion.

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We have developed relationships and are reserving the best venues in the country for our screenings and awards ceremonies. Dependent upon the post-pandemic environment, we are securing the wonderful theaters at the Angelika Film Centers and Silverspot Cinemas, including the brand new theater in Atlanta!

Total FAME FACTOR TICKET Value: $1,707 - $2,107


  • GO Film Festival Submission Fees (AVG: 10 X $50):      $500

  • NOVA Film Festival Submission Fee (AVG: $50):           $50


  • Awards Ceremony Tickets:                                        $100-$500

  • CAPITAL Film Market Pass (including Panels):                 $55

  • Video On Demand to All 12 FAME Film Festivals:          $500

  • One (1) Year Membership:                          $72

  • 2022 FAME FACTOR TICKET Submission Offer:            $430

  • A non-exclusive Invitation to be hosted on our streaming service,

  • Access to our Well-Vetted Services and Resources, which includes Graphic Artists, Sales Agents, and so much more!

YOUR Year ONE Special Price: $650

(Submit before September 01, 2022 and receive 20% OFF).

Special Offer Total: $520!


  • 20% OFF. Expires the 1st of September, 2022 ($520).

  • 50% OFF every additional (eligible) submission ($325/Submission)

  • Submit 3, get 1 FREE. (Save $1,300. Save $1,430, if submited before the 25th of October.)

  • 50% OFF One (1) FAME Factor Ticket, for any eligible submission in 2022! (Save $400+). As we add more value, rates will rise in 2023.

  • All sales are final.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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(703) 960-1970

We hope you can take advantage of this very special package that we have enjoyed creating for you. It is our sincere mission to give flight to your passion and provide a path to a journey of a lifetime!

*Prices, Venues & Dates subject to change with uncertain, post-pandemic protocols.

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